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Alumni Association
Jamie Nigro
Cell:  519-301-0644
General Manager Nick Parr Cell:  519-274-1105
Director of Hockey Operations
Jason Clarke
Cell: 519-276-7350
Head Coach
David Williams
Residence: 519-656-9046
Cell: 519-574-5073
Assistant Coach
Mike McLeod
Residence: 519-271-0065
Cell: 519-272-6659
Assistant Coach
Dave Schlitt


Residence:  519-305-0311
Cell: 519-589-2673
Assistant General Manager/
Goalie Coach
Mark Nelson
Residence: 519-271-4507
Head Scout
Tyler Brown
Cell: 519-212-9859
Roger Moorehead
P.O. Box 21042, Stratford
Ontario, N5A 7V4
Residence: 519-271-9193
John Cossey
Cell: 226-921-4051
Player & Community Relations and
Educational Aide
Mike Robinson
Cell: 519-949-1840
Team Chaplain
Fr. Daniel Bowyer
Office:  519-271-4527
Cell:  519-301-9873
Team Club Room
William Allman Arena
Fax: 519-273-3354