ERIK ANDERSON: Once a Culliton

Next up on our “Once a Warrior” is Sutherland Cup champion Erik Anderson. Erik sits in 6th place on Stratford Hockey Club all-time goal list and holds the top spot in assists & points. His 145 points in only 48 games during the 96-97 season is also a club record.

ERIK ANDERSON, Stratford Cullitons
1994-1995, 1995-1996, 1996-1997

What I remember about my time in Stratford was the instant feeling of family. Moving away from home at 16 was nerve racking to say the least!  The nerves were instantly gone!  Between Jeff and Sue Orr who I lived with, and amazing group of guys the Flanagan’s assembled the transition was easy. There wasn’t much better than a Friday night game at the Allman against the Waterloo Siskins!  I remember looking in the stands!  Seats were full, standing areas were 2&3 deep, and there were people sitting up and down the steps!  I’ve played in some great arenas and I’m not sure there were any better than the Allman on a Friday night. My first year ended with a Sutherland Cup and I’ll never forget the support from the city. Riding the Orr insurance fire truck and seeing the people gathered around the city was amazing!