JUSTIN GRAHAM: Once a Warrior

Next on our weekly “Once a Warrior” is Grammer. @TheRealGrammer is a Cherry Cup Champion and fan favourite in Stratford.

JUSTIN GRAHAM, Stratford Cullitons #28
2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2015-2017

“I loved everything about the city, fans and the support you get from everyone. It is very professional, the experience I had with the Stratford Cullitons will forever hold a big place in my heart. My billet family the Childerly’s welcomed me for 3 years and we still continue to have a relationship.

Wining the Cherrey Cup in Stratford has to be the top memory for me, but the bonds and connections made will last forever. The coaches, trainers, board members, and espeially teammates made that locker room unforgettable.  I will never forget my first game in the William Allman memorial arena. It is a vey special place to play Jr Hockey.”