KEN CHISHOLM: Once a Culliton

Up next on our “Once a Warrior” is Sutherland Cup Champion and former team captain Ken Chisholm. Kenner went on to play D1 hockey at the University of New Hampshire. Ken put up 187 points in his 112 games as a Culliton.

KEN CHISHOLM Stratford Cullitons #15, #17
1977-1978, 1978-1979, 1979-1980

As a Stratford native, you certainly were aware of the great atmosphere found down at the Allman arena on Friday nights and as a hockey player it was where you wanted to play. The fans were so passionate and supportive. To this day, I still encounter fans who remember certain seasons, teams and players, and are excited to share their memories and highlights.

As a player, I was lucky enough to play on some very successful teams and with some very good players, who also became great lifelong friends. It was a dream come true for three kids who first met at Hamlet School in 1966, and managed to play on the same hockey team up through Junior, culminating in the 77-78 season when we won a Sutherland Cup together. Paul Barton and Scott Skinner – thanks for carrying me along!!

 We had some great rivalries with Elmira, Waterloo and Streetsville over the span of my time playing and it made the whole experience with playing for the Cullitons that much more special. With both team benches situated on the same side, and only separated by one of our trainers, there was ample opportunity for the Allman to get lively. Having someone like Pat Kelly on your team certainly helped!! Another vivid memory at the Allman would be the night that our trainer, Mike Salt helped save the life of a Waterloo Siskin player who had suffered a terrible accident during a game. Although it didn’t take place at the Stratford rink, another great memory is of an epic scrap between Paul Barton and one of Howie Meeker’s relatives over at the New Hamburg arena.

It was a wonderful three years playing for Stratford and I am grateful to Dinny Flanagan and Jack Nairn for the opportunity of playing for my home town team.